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#131114 - He could feel her juices starting to flow, not because she was enjoying it, but because her body was trying to protect itself, and he pulled out, now playing with her over her knickers, pushing the white cotton deep inside her. Looking at her he said 'Brenda, you arent wet, arent you having a nice time, dont you like Daddy loving you?' What did she say to that, she was ashamed, mortified, upset, of course she wasnt wet but she looked at him 'I m just a bit embarrasssed Daddy' she whispered hoping he would understand He nodded, but continued to push his fingers inside you 'I WANT you wet' he said nipping her tender clit between finger and thumb and sucking hard on her nipples, before lifting his head and ramming his tongue in her mouth, he tasted of cigarettes and coffee and she gipped, struggling to escape and as she squirmed, his cock got harder and his fingers slipped deeper inside her. He knew that one of his friends had the same ethics

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