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#54473 - Phil was a guy I had spoken to in the pub before, he was a long term friend of both guys, and had played football with them many times too, his body was a nice shiny brown, with Blue eyes, I had fancied him but never thought I would have him, now he was standing in front of me with a huge stiff cock, ready for me to eat. While Grant watched them fucking my holes I winked at him, he lubed my hand and then slowly sat down, as my fist went into his ass the guys all stopped and watched, a lot of my god and what the fuck was said, then Grant rode my fist, half my arm now deep in his ass. No sooner had Alan dropped out of my ass then Luke took over, his cock just touching the sides, but he too soon added more cum to the rest inside me, his cock went soft inside me, I turned to suck him dry, as I did Grant lay under me and I sat over his face, with both hands on my as cheeks, I pushed the cum from my butt, Grant licked it all up, then I swung around kissing him and sharing the cum, yo

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She is hot
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