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#217634 - She slowly stripped herself exposing more skin with each item removed Clara did it in such a way that was almost art like, her shirt, her trousers she removed her baby blue bra releasing her B-cups every woman she knew had bigger tits than her but she enjoyed having small breasts they were easier to handle, carry around and she loved to play with them infact she probably squeezed her own tits 5 or 6 times a day, out at the club she would convince as many men as possible to have a feel of course men being men they always took her up she relished the idea of it again and again. Her panties came down giving way to a nice flat ,shaved pussy she hated pubic hair so every day she would spend 10 minutes going over her pussy with a razor and every week or 2 she would buy fem car products to keep it extra smooth. She sat back in her chair to doze off till the morning, Clara the voice was there again she looked at the clock frantically searching 4am she thought she made a 360 Degree scan o

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Glad to hear that
Lucrecia crescent
Whoever she is she knows how spread open and put out take notes ladies