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#256701 - The big red letters on the side of his truck told it all, WATER DIVINING, W. ! This was hot country, southern Texas, where the temperature could stay above 100 degree for weeks at a time, and where water was more valuable than oil, well, you can't go that far, but it was pretty darn precious in its own way!!! Walter pulled his van to a stop and was ready to hop out when out of nowhere a giant sized German Shepard began circling his vehicle while making menacing sounds that indicated he had better stay put until help arrived!!! After blasting his horn a couple of times, a forty plus woman came out of the house and approached the van! Walter rolled down the driver's side window and said, Hi, I'm Walter Jonas, I was going to come ring your door, but the dog kinda gave me the shivers!!! Oh, don't mind him, she replied in a friendly voice, old Bart wouldn't hurt a fly, come on outta there and come on inside for some coffee, and by the way, I'm Vivan Danfor

Read Tattoo Papa no Jakuten Mitsuketa | 爸爸的弱點被~發現了 ♪ - Original Exposed Papa no Jakuten Mitsuketa | 爸爸的弱點被~發現了 ♪

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