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#1790 - After a short while they could hear the sound of a horn blowing in the distance, it was the call for all spit masters in training to get up and start there day, Jessica got out of bed and looked around the bedroom the school had assigned her to live in, in one corner was her bed a large and very soft bed with silk sheets, and in the other corner was a several bolts attached to the floor and wall with heavy chain's to keep her spit muffin from running away and a blanket thrown on the floor meant to serve as a bed for what ever spit muffin she would be assigned to spit that week. What do you have to say for yourself meat? Spitenmier said as he removed the ball gag from Jessica's mouth, like all muffins she immediately began to beg to be released, I see the months living among us masters hasn’t really made much difference, once nude and bound you revert to the normal muffin tendencies of begging he said, Please let me go, I’ve proved to you all that a muffin can be a gr

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