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#98876 - . To Be Continued. One of his hands reached around to my developing breast and squeezed it tightly then began kissing my neck, he may have been stronger, l had to try and break free but got nowhere, next he grabbed me by the hair and led me into our parents bedroom threw me onto the bed and positioned himself on top of me forced one of his legs between my legs and parted them, l was pleading with him that if he stopped now l wont tell anyone and we can put it all down to him being drunk or taken something but my please fell on deaf ears, my brother planted his lips on mine and forced his tongue into my mouth then l felt his warm cock on my belly, he gripped my legs tight and his cock head parted my pussy lips, l wriggled trying to dislodge his cock from my pussy but my brother broke from our kiss and slapped my face ordering me to ‘stop it’ then forced his tongue back into my mouth and rammed his cock fully in me and then everything fell into place, my bruise, the pain betw

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