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#18478 - . She was at first hesitant to pour out her most intimate and very delicious personal thoughts and feelings about sex,! Especially to an online educational entity she knew little about. trying to find them OMG! Was it ever exciting! I spent over an hour looking and trying to find my clothes? I was scared to death as every sound in the dark woods excited me even more not knowing what or who might come along and find me naked, or what they would do to me? But, the thrill of it, got me so wet and horny I easily made myself cum hard right there in the woods! I really enjoyed the scary excitement of what I did! I never did find my clothes and had to walk back to where left my mackinaw and then walk home with just my stockings and mack of which got me wet all over again! I even left my mack completely open and unbuttoned when I walked down the lanes to get home, this was just to add some more thrill and uncertainty to it! I did it a few more times after this and it is a real turn on

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