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#166390 - “I don’t know, it might hurt” I questioned “I’m sure it will be fine” without really waiting for consent she squirted some more lube on to the tip of my cock and using her left thumb and finger held my cock eye open a little wider and using her right hand slowly pushed the brush deeper into my cock, thankfully the extra lube meant the ferrule slid in nicely until only the inch long bristles were sticking out, at this point she stopped pushing down and located the opposite end of the brush that was deeply buried in my urethra edging closer to my prostate, she pushed the brush back up my cock so the metal part popped out of my cock eye once more. “That’s looks fucking amazing” Sharon eyed her handiwork. “oh this is happening boss” Sharon insisted, she clutched my stiffness in her left hand and pulled back my foreskin as far as it would go, this opened up the eye of my cock slightly and she placed the nozzle of the lube bottle so its tip was just inside my cock and gave the bottl

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