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#322894 - And if I get into trouble, I can always turn it off when I need to. Ha ha! You are powerless under the might of the Queen! Jenny's body began twitching as Vega innocently enough ventured towards what seemed to get the most reaction out of her friend, pinching and tweaking the circuitous muscles beneath Jenny's upper thighs, right below her soft belly- until Jenny, her escalated breathing shorter and quicker than ever before, let out a cry, and her midsection quivered and convulsed in agony and pleasure- she desperately gripped the bedsheets, and her entire body tensed while Vega, confused, ended her assault and backed away, worried that she had destroyed her best friend. Oh wow- Vega! What did you do to me? Nothing! I was just tickling you, and… I guess I took it too far! That system of yours sure is powerful- Are you sure you're okay? You screamed… I was touching you so lightly though! How did I set off your pain receptors? Those sure weren't p

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