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#147201 - I had advised Kay this girl from the UK who seems to be an oversexed young woman searching for answers about her own sexuality, to apply to our obscure and dubious sexual oriented school for a scholarship and acceptance! Our school was located in the N/W USA Portland Oregon a very liberal city much like Seattle and San Francisco, and supposedly we offered under the guise of, minority, multicultural, ethnic and for better international race relations the opportunity to become more knowledgeable in all of these specific programs offered! . Let alone had she ever answered online, but they were questions about everything she had either done or fantasized about doing in her travels through puberty. Once Kay arrived Penny first placed a dog collar around her neck and buckled it tight, then took her to one of their special video viewing booths that was bigger that the others? Once in the booth told her her strip down to nothing and then made her kneel on the floor facing up close to the

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