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#170570 - “oh god Steve that’s it baby, fucking suck me, rub my tight pussy” she screamed I slid my finger into her pussy and started sliding it in and out while I sucked her going faster and harder as she moaned and shouted my name, I got down from the table and stood in front of her cunt at face level, I pulled of her yoga pants and stuck my tongue in her pussy making her lie back on the table and moan, I massaged her big breasts with one hand while I fingered her with the other as I sucked on her clit this combination drove her crazy moaning and panting as I gave her loads of small orgasms her body shuddering and sweating. As we rubbed each other furiously under the table Janice said she and Jim would like to see Elizabeth learn to work wood too, slightly disappointed I agreed that they could come too, after dinner we all went down to the garage so I could show Elizabeth some basic woodworking skills, as I showed her how to work a band saw and sander which were behind a massive table that

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Name of the girl at the end
Mukuro ikusaba
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