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#211162 - I told her she did not have to and to get in the house and help clean up I had a surprise for her to join our house she had to be initiated. I walked over to Brittany pulled out my cock and pissed on her head and then made her suck my cock for an hour so then came on her face and let her out of the stocks told her she had been a good sport and she was free to go as well. While I’m balls deep in ass I tell Sammy to grab Brittany’s and hold her head still and her mouth open as I slide out of her ass and straight into Brittany’s mouth she gags a little at first and then takes my thrusts very well as I fuck her face for a while then back in Whores ass I rotated between the two for a while then stopped and came on the floor.

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Akio fudou
Very hot fisting i love the position you make his ass gape thanks for sharing
Reimi saionji
This make me so hard