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#10719 - I took my time as I fucked her; she cuddled me tight and kept saying she loved me, Becky had only now lost her virginity but something in her told her what to do, as I pushed into her she pushed down with her hips, her pussy muscle squeezed and released constantly, as I slipped more into her, when I had all I could get in I started pulling back, her arms came around my back and she pulled me close, “Don’t come out” “I need to, but just a little” before my head came out, I stopped then slowly pushed forwards, she smiled, as I moved this way, she was so tight I had that tingling after only three minutes, I pushed up on my hands and looked into her beautiful eyes, “Do you want me to take my cock out when I come”? “NO” well that told me, a few more thrusts later and I cum, Becky sucked in her breath long and slow, her back came off the ground and she squealed, “It’s filling my belly” my short jabs eased and I leaned forwards and kissed her, “Am I your girlfriend now” I didn’t want to hear

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Ririka nishizono
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