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#69770 - The truth is that I have an unquenchable appetite for lesbian sex, and a wide and catholic taste in lovers: anyone from puberty to fifty, any race or colour, with only two total turn-offs – I can’t do the overweight, or those with bad breath (and I’m sorry, but that includes you smokers out there; I mean, seriously, would you want to kiss or lick an ashtray?). We differ in other ways: I’m a brunette, with almost black hair, quite wavy and shoulder length – for fencing, I pin it up under my helmet – and I’m actually more curvy than she is! Miss Champney has quite thin hips and small breasts, whereas mine have filled out in the last year – not large, just nicely average or even a little less, pyramidal and pointy C cups.

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Purple heart
Manuel ferrara looks so hot in this hentai hairy is better
Nozomi kiyokawa
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