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#48997 - I’m not pulling something on you just so I can see you whack him off, it gets them use to it and helps keep them calm, besides it’s kinda of fun, it’s looks just like a human penis only much bigger and much hotter due to their higher body temperature. As Jake began to work his way past her knees and upwards, Shannon briefly raised her head and glanced at the house to see if Bree was coming then laid back down and Bree saw Shannon splay her legs further apart as Jake continued to work his way upwards…. Bree playfully laughed it off and saying “Duke was just a true porn dog always trying to get some no matter what species, just don’t let him catch you bending over when naked!” Bree had stated with a gleam in her eye causing both women to laugh uproarishly.

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Man i wish she never had plastic surgery
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Mind sharing her info would love 2 hit her up