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#262524 - Marsden tried in vain to get a grip on what was overcoming him, but it was a much too powerful force that had taken hold of him, and as he struggled to get a grip, the orgasm that had been building slowly over the past hour sent his pecker reeling out of control as it convulsed spasmodically to its crushing completion!!! He lay there in the darkness of his bedroom bathed in sweat as the last vestiges of his climax slowly ebbed from his shaking body!!! “W-what the heck’s happening to me,” he asked himself softly while padding off to the bathroom to wash off, “this is the tenth night in a row!?!” “Jeez, fella, I hate to say this but you look like hell,” Vern told Marsden as the two of them huddled around the coffee machine at work, “what’d ya get last night, two hours sleep!?!” “I wish,” Marsden replied after taking a sip of the piping hot java, “do I look that bad!?!” “Well, I guess that depends on your definition of bad,” Vern replied with a chuckle, “what’s the problem, I hafta tell y

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