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#247126 - He could tell it was her by the description she had given him on the chat line. Chet hopped up from his chair and approached her with hand extended, Hi, he said, I'm Chet Lane, and you must be Veronica! Her smile was breath taking, and she took his hand and shook it with a firm grip, never taking her eyes off of his while intoning in a smooth sultry voice, It's so nice to meet you Chet, shall we sit down!?! Takinbg her by the arm, Chet lead her to the booth he had reserved at the rear of the bar, and after they had slid into opposite sides of the table and just looked at each other for a few seconds, Veronica said, You look even better than I thought you would, I hope I am up to your expectations! Very much so, he replied, more beautiful than I could have imagined, would you like a drink? A Rhine wine would be nice, she said, I'm a little bit nervous! Your nervous, he thought, I'm a total wreck! Chet ordered a couple of drinks and then sat in si

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