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#321791 - Several hours later Glenda lifted her head and in a groggy voice asked Sybil what time it was. London's desk on the way to her own, and as she walked past it she said, I can't believe it, the asshole just fired me, he said something about across the board cut backs, and that I was doing a fine job but they just had to let me go, why don't they fire his precious Marianne, she spat, I'll tell you why, 'cuz he's bangin' her, that's why!!! Sybil London sat and let the young woman blow off steam before she interjected, Glenda, I'm so sorry that they're letting you go, but you've been here for three years and you're still doing the same thing you were when you started, now I think, no, make that know, that you will find a better job in no time flat! Do you really think so, Mrs. Glenda had lost all track of time, and wasn't sure exactly when it happened, but she was vaguely aware that Sybil's free hand was work

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