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#341206 - A little back story i'm 21 and i have been with Sara 1 year i. m 6ft tall and love the gym so I'm quite muscular my cock is 6 inch's soft and 8 and a half fully hard and Sara is 5ft tall with b cup tits I've only seen them a few times because shes kind of a prude away back to my story i called to Sara's to surprise her but her brother said shes gone with her parents for the weekend and was going to text me after work to tell my i was kind of pissed off so i got in my mustang and started to drive i was half way to town when i saw sara's bestfriend annie or A as i call her by herself walking the the other side of the road i did a u-turn and pulled up next to her, she was really suprised to see me i ask if she wanted a lift and she hopped in the car and i drove off. As i was driving i couldn't help but stare at A, she is 21 and 5ft 4 slim with an ass you could bounce a quarter off and her tits are double D's she was even hotter than Sara and i f

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Sunny milk
Very sexy
Kishou arima
Oh my fuuuuuuck this is hot af