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#307168 - Irene glancing about seeing two beds of sort they actually were tables but had very soft thickly padded shiny black leather coverings as Maryellen said we'll have to disrobe and get on the rub down tables and get our massages there. Thedford under the hood, his wife Irene in those petal pusher shorts as were the girls who were bitching their radios had quit working the mom just bitching at Thedford for somehow getting off the main road; Tyrie and Bull just stayed there watching these strangely dressed people all bitching and gripping looking at each other like where to hell did this family come from? Finally Tyrie says; Sir mays we helps yah? Thedford looked up at them and said; Oh thank goodness You have come along! Can u take me to a phone so I can get a mechanic to help me get this thing running and back on the main highway.

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