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#263383 - Katie was being fingered in her pussy and ass, they had her on her side and having fun with her, she was moaning from the excitement, then they pulled out there fingers and one guy took a bag and opened it, they pulled out what looked like a string of pearls but bigger, he went over to Katie and started pushing them up her ass, she winced a bit but after a while when the last one was in, she relaxed, then they did the same thing to Sam and Alicia. The girls laid there looking up at them, none of them were too big, so they knew it wasn’t going to hurt, they were forced up on there hands and knees, then they were entered and fucked until the guys all came, then the leader dropped his pants and the girls knew they were in trouble, he wasn’t very long, but he was wide, really wide, wider that anything Sam or Katie had ever had in them, they shook there heads no, but he just laughed at them, he got over Sam and said ok bitch, you’re first and with that he plunged his massive cock into her,

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Annette koenig
Look at that ass wowww
Natsumi murakami
First i listened and imagined then i saw and was conquered by a glorious clit