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#195947 - Silvia must have known l was ready to shoot my load because she quickened the rhythm and expose my cock so l didn’t shoot my spunk over the quilt. Later like the previous evening Silvia marched me up to the bathroom to wash me while Robert continued to watch TV, but this evening l was stood in the bath naked as she washed between my bum cheeks, under my balls and the head of my cock giving it a good lather, next l was rinsed off and given a little slap on the bum and told l was her clean baby boy. I placed a hand between her legs and felt string coming from her pussy, so enquired why did she have string in her pussy, Silvia declared at certain times of the month mummy’s lose eggs from their nests and the eggs make a mess, so they have to wear a thing in their pussy, next she took me to the bathroom where Silvia stood over the toilet with a handful of tissues and pulled on the string, l have to say it did turn my stomach the first time, after she wiped herself then held a tube to her

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